UK loudspeaker manufacturer KEF held a series of events between October 1st and 7th called “KEF Week” and we thought it only right that we should send out a Hifi Pig scout to take a look at one of the events at Loud and Clear in Edinburgh.

Here’s what Billy Smith (Son of Hifi Pig) had to say about the event.

It’s a really cool shop: each listening room is just a super comfy living room filled with great hi-fi. John from Loud and Clear told us that they bought the shop as a shell, and it was all custom made to their exacting specifications such as   the 6° angle of one of the walls in relation to the beams in the smaller listening room.

He also told us about the Loud and Clear ethos: Make music sound great, nothing else matters. Customers are encouraged to treat the shop as a home from home: no pushy salesmanship, no racks of products on display, just great hifi, good music, and exquisite sound. 

Speaking of which, the speakers we were shown were incredible. The Blades are great sounding, but John showed us how you can balance a pound coin on them, and it stay up the whole time, due to the fact that there are zero vibrations. Sound wise, they were great: no muddiness, just clear, easy-to-listen-to bliss. Amongst the other tunes, I got to hear Bendy Bass (on the VCMG “SSSS” album), and it was like a whole new tune. 

We also got to see (not hear) the V720W soundbar, which should be coming out soon, and the X300A Wireless Active Speaker System, which are a very nice music streaming solution for small, quality-aware households. 

Finally, Jonathan (The KEF rep who was there) showed us the R series AV system. I don’t believe in surround sound gimmicks, but these really added to the experience of watching a film.








Thanks to all the guys at Loud and Clear for making Hifi Pig so welcome.



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