KEF is a world leading British speaker brand with a history of over fifty years of innovation in pursuit of the clearest and most accurate reproduction of recorded sound.

With a track record of pioneering award-winners from professional studio monitors of the Beatles’ era to the legendary Reference Series and the recent ground-breaking Muon and Blade loudspeakers, no other brand can equal KEF’s long list of design ‘firsts’. Scientific innovation and hands-on experimentation continue to underwrite KEF’s reputation as the audiophile’s ultimate loudspeaker manufacturer.

With a such a rich heritage, KEF has lead the way in producing innovative sound creations from domestic home theatre speakers to extraordinary high end creations. KEF’s technical expertise and innovative designs grace anything from discreet Custom Install Ci speakers to multi-award winning home theatre systems and class-leading, serious Hi-Fi stereo speakers. Every KEF speaker, large or small, embodies the same ethos: quality engineering to enhance the enjoyment of pure sound.

KEF R Series

With the KEF R Series available in a range of finishes including High Gloss Piano White, this versatile speaker range is not only easy on the eye but also creates a sound that’s so stunningly accurate that it approaches the benchmark standards of KEF’s legendary Reference Series. 

With nine timelessly handsome models including three assertive floorstanders, two bookshelf speakers, two fully-specified centre channels, dipole surrounds and a matching subwoofer, KEF’s R Series represents a decisive step forward in the enjoyment of music or film.


Since its launch, the KEF LS50 mini monitor loudspeaker has been recognised for its acoustic design and state of the art technologies from KEF’s flagship Blade loudspeaker. This bookshelf speaker is designed to bring the quality of a professional studio sound to the comfort of your home.

KEF’s LS50 mini monitor loudspeaker, a compact bookshelf design, delivers a rich multi-dimensional ‘soundstage experience’. Inspired by KEF’s flagship LS3/5a, the KEF LS50 is designed to bring the quality of a professional studio sound to the comfort of your home.



If you want to bring true hi-fi sound quality to the tracks you play from your computer, laptop, tablet, MP3 player or smartphone, then we recommend the award-winning KEF X300A.

The digital hi-fi speakers feature KEF’s sophisticated Uni-Q array, driven by two dedicated on-board amps – one for each frequency range. With a high resolution 96kHz/24-bit USB input and simple digital speaker connection, even familiar tracks suddenly seem incomparably richer, subtler and more emotionally powerful.

The X300A is simple and easy to use and is compatible with PC, Mac, MP3 players and smartphones. The speakers give your music all the warmth, depth and detail of the original recording.

KEF’s X300A speakers have recently been tried and tested by the Hi-Fi Pig team and praised the speakers as ‘highly recommended for people who love music and want to hear it presented in a foot tapping and enjoyable fashion whilst at their desks.’  Click here to read the review in full.

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To audition and experience the KEF sound for yourself, click here to find your local authorised KEF retailer.

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