For the very first time in the UK, The Bristol Hifi Show showcases the brand new Keith Monks entry model Prodigy record cleaning machine.

The Prodigy

Styled for the home and specially designed for ease of use, with quiet operation, bamboo main hardware, and compact design. The Prodigy also marks the launch at Bristol of the world’s first Threadless point suction system. (Pictured here at RMAF 2019)

The Threadless point suction system is being rolled out across all Keith Monks models. And the new R/Evolution upgrade kit allows 50 years of existing customers to easily retrofit the new Threadless system to upgrade their own Monks machine.

Bristol Show visitors can enjoy a special show offer to beta test a Prodigy for just £599 instead of £795.

See Keith Monks at…Ground Floor: Foyer 1d

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