Following the launch of the Kimber Kable 40th anniversary Carbon interconnect cable, Russ Andrews is bringing the Carbon 8 and Carbon 16 loudspeaker cables to the UK audiophile market.

As with the interconnect cable, the Carbon speaker cable features an electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer between the Teflon dielectric and VariStrand conductors.

Carbon Polymer

“The use of an intermediate layer of carbon-doped polymer between the copper conductors and insulating dielectric reduces mechanically induced electrical noise, improves overall conductivity by 5% when compared to a standard VariStrand 19.5AWG. And it improves voltage distribution within the insulating dielectric by virtue of the impedance gradient.” Explains Ray Kimber, founder, and owner of Kimber Kable.

Carbon 8 And Carbon 16

The Carbon 8 loudspeaker cable features eight braided 19.5AWG conductors and is designed to be a lightweight and very flexible cable which places very little mechanical stress on smaller stand-mounted loudspeakers. Its big brother, the Carbon 16, features 16 of the same 19.5AWG conductors and Kimber say it is best suited for use with larger stand mount or floor standing speakers.

Each cable is supplied with the tried and tested Kimber banana plugs as standard and is also available with Kimber Postmaster spades for a small additional cost. For the ultimate in connection and performance, the high-performance WBT-0610Cu bananas can be fitted at the time of ordering.

Both Carbon loudspeaker cables are braided in the Kimber Kable style. Kimber claim that this construction technique helps reduce conducted and airborne RFI from entering the audio chain. The braid employed in the Carbon Series builds on the work done during the development of the Axios range and required the in-house development of new machinery and processes to transition seamlessly from one braid into two braids for the left and right channel connectors. This ensures that the integrity of the Kimber counter-rotating weave is maintained right up to the point of termination.

Russ Andrews

Russ Andrews adds his thoughts on the Carbon speaker cables, “The Carbon interconnect was something of a revelation to me when I plugged it into my system. Adding the speaker cables takes the performance upgrades to a whole new level and I would thoroughly recommend that anyone thinking of switching to the Kimber Carbon Series changes both interconnects and speaker cables to get the full benefits of Kimber’s latest and greatest developments. I know they won’t be disappointed if they do.”

Carbon speaker cable is hand-built to order and available now from Russ Andrews.

Kimber Carbon Loudspeaker Cable Prices

(With Kimber bananas)

Carbon 8

1.0m pair £861

2.5m pair £1524

3.5m pair £1966

4.5m pair £2408

Carbon 16

1.0m pair £1634

2.5m pair £2960

3.5m pair £3844

4.5m pair £4728

For Kimber Postmaster spades add £35 and for WBT-0610Cu plugs add £353 to the above prices.

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