Continuing the introduction of the Carbon Series, to mark the Kimber Kable 40th anniversary, Russ Andrews brings the flagship Carbon 18XL loudspeaker cable to the UK.

Kimber Kable says that the Carbon 18XL speaker cable takes the technologies employed in the rest of the Carbon range “to the next level”. In addition to the familiar Kimber braided construction, a non-twisted parallel straight run of conductors is also incorporated.

Braided Construction

The eight 19.5AWG conductors are braided around an inner microwave-cured neoprene core. Situated within the core of both the positive and negative braids, a run of non-twisted 14.5AWG VariStrand copper conductors are employed for the shortest distance between two points.

In common with the rest of the Carbon range, an intermediate layer of electrostatically dissipative carbon-doped polymer, between the copper conductors and Teflon dielectric, is used. The polymer fills the spaces between the strands helping to maintain the geometry and means that the stranded conductors behave more like a solid core, while retaining flexibility. The outer sleeving is also carbon-doped.

Ray Kimber

Commenting on the development of the Carbon Series, Ray Kimber addresses the challenges in the manufacture of a cable with carbon-infused conductors, “There were numerous formulations evaluated in the laboratory until we found the perfect blend of conductivity and mechanical stability. We went through tens of thousands of feet of wire until the design met our target.” He continues, “The result is a cable that is worthy of the best systems and resolves music in beautiful detail, with a natural sound profile that is neither excessively bright nor overly dark.”

The 18XL is manufactured, say Kimber, to the highest possible standard and finished with a custom, laser engraved aluminium ferrule and to complement the performance and design, the Carbon 18XL speaker cable arrives in a  bespoke wooden case. High-performance WBT-0610Cu bananas are fitted as standard.

Russ Andrews

Russ Andrews auditioned the Carbon 18XL and remarked, “What the 18XL adds over the other Carbon speaker cables is an even deeper sense of involvement in the music and a level of transparency that will impress even the most demanding audiophile – it really does reveal how good your system is”. He added, “For the last couple of years, Ray and the engineers at Kimber Kable have been working feverishly on these cables and what they have come up with is something very special indeed.”

Price & Availability

Carbon 18XL speaker cable is hand-built to order and available now from Russ Andrews.

1.0m pair £2870.00

2.5m pair £4526.00

3.5m pair £5620.00

4.5m pair £6734.00

Every additional 0.5m (per pair) £552.00

Also available terminated with WBT-0661Cu or WBT-0681Cu spades at no extra cost and terminated with Silver WBT-0610Ag plugs, add £442 to the above pricing.

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