Kimber Kable, distributed in the UK by Russ Andrews, has upgraded its Monocle-XL speaker cables to further enhance its performance and aesthetics.

Using a very pure copper sourced in the USA, home of Kimber Kable, the new Monocle-XL forms the bridge between the company’s traditional woven cables – from 4PR to 12TC – and the more technically advanced Select range.


With its 24-wire braid of TC and VS conductors manufactured from VariStrand copper, to ensure that no particular frequency range dominates, Monocle-XL delivers the best of both TC and VS attributes, creating a lower noise floor. As with the Select range of cables, these conductors are then woven around Kimber’s own X38R stabilizing core.


Aesthetically, Monocle-XL now sports a newly designed aluminium end cap. This cap is hard anodised to be scratch resistant and also to provide mechanical stability to the breakout of the positive and negative leads. Kimber is now able to brand and serialise the cables at a level that was previously only done with Kimber Select cables. The laser engraving of the serial number also helps combat the problem of counterfeit cables. And, for a limited period, all Monocle-XL cables will have a commemorative Kimber Kable 40th Anniversary logo laser engraved on one end of the caps.

WBT Terminations

Monocle-XL cable comes with WBT terminations – banana or spade – featuring WBT’s NextGen technology that utilises low mass principles for improved performance and sound quality. The WBT-0610 bananas are a locking, slanted design which puts less strain on heavier gauge speaker cables and are available in two models: the CU version which uses gold plated pure copper and the AG model with platinum plating over a silver base material.

Russ Andrews, technical director, comments “I’ve always been impressed with the performance of Monocle-XL cables – they are a clear step up from Kimber’s standard woven designs which already offer superb musical performance. The main reason for this is the development of an advanced cable geometry ‘trickled-down’ from their superb Select range, giving the audiophile a touch of Select performance at a fraction of the cost!”

Price And Availability

The new Monocle XL cables are shipping now and can be supplied with ‘burn-in’ or ‘super burn-in’.

Monocle-XL 2.5m pair, terminated with WBT-0610Cu banana plugs £2095

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