Stefan Whatcott from UK speaker kit supplier KJF audio will be hosting the Markaudio brand in the Watt room. The room will be much more hands on than previous years with Stefan has organising talks by two well known industry figures industry and doing his own kit demos.

Mark Fenlon, driver designer, will be doing a talk on both days about the design process involved in driver manufacture. KJF’s press release says that “Mark’s brand Markaudio has almost single handedly pushed the boundaries of what is possible with wide band drivers since Mark left Jordan drivers years ago and he is still pushing the boundaries now”. During the talk Mark will introduce a completely new driver which they claim will push those boundaries even further. In a world first, visitors to the show will get to be hands on with this new driver and hear Mark’s thoughts on why it is such an important milestone in wideband driver history.

Speaker cabinet designer Dr Scott Lindgren gives some insight into cabinet design. Scott is one of the busiest acoustic alignment designers today. He works closely with Markaudio Sota to design their  speaker line up, supplies his own custom build speakers through his brand Woden Designs and has also designed dozens of freely available plansets for the burgeoning DIY speaker enthusiast market. Scott is a mine of information on speaker design, especially the acoustic alignment, if you’ve got a question about speaker design, get your questions ready and ask Scott. Launch First Wireless Headphones

Stefan will be demonstrating just how easy it really is to build your own pair of speakers, as seen above in a Hifi Pig review. . The Frugal Horn Lite were well received at  the show last year and this year he’ll show you just how quickly you can build your own pair, it’s so simple to build his speakers. It’s not very often the opportunity to get your hands dirty arises at a show so we suggest you check out the demo times on the ‘Audio show 2018’ app on your device and plan in attending. iOS Version and Android Version.

Stefan will also have his long-awaited N-cored based amplifier powering his speakers. On looking at the current N-core amps out there, Stefan noticed a few things, firstly they were either quite expensive but well-engineered or an audiophile bargain but left something to be desired engineering wise, feeling a bit DIY. The goal has been to produce a bargain that is as well engineered as the best available, at the same time Stefan wanted to embed configurability into the design so the end user could buy the best amp for their needs and also have it re-configured for different needs in the future.

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