Following on from their fully configurable multi-channel Ncore MA-01 amplifiers, KJF Audio is introducing a stereo amplifier – the SA-01.

Where the MA-01 was built with pure utility in mind, with the SA-01 KJF Audio have allowed themselves a little more freedom in the design of the casework.

KJF Audio SA-01 Amplifier

Phono Connectors

KJF has also introduced phono connectors alongside their usual XLR connectors. A high quality sealed switch allows you to choose your preferred connection type.

KJF Audio SA-01 Amplifier connectors

You can choose between 8 mm milled aluminium fronts offered in cool anthracite or a choice of solid wood, including Walnut, Sapele, Cherry and Maple to match the decor of your home.

Hypex Modules

Built around your choice of Hypex NC***MP modules the SA-01 Amp offers three different power outputs across six different modules, ranging from 100 Watt to 500 Watt. You can configure these as stereo or monoblock amplifiers.

KJF Audio SA-01 Amplifier in Cherry

The SA-01 uses CMC and Neutrik connectors and the package is topped off with a simple but intelligent user interface communicated to the user via the ring light at the front. Clip indication, over temperate indication, power state, DC detection and module failure are all indicted and the amplifier will auto shut down when protection is needed and indicate to the user why.

KJF Audio SA-01 Amplifier in Maple

Stefan at KJF audio, who is well used to supplying high performing speakers at bargain prices, wanted to design an amplifier that was flexible enough that each build could be a custom build while making construction a standard process. In this way the customer could buy an amp that matched their needs without Stefan having to do a ground up custom build for each customer. This locks in the cost saving for the customer associated with production line techniques while maintaining a flexible design that can even be reconfigured should the customer decide at a later date.

Price And Availability

To keep the pricing low the SA-01 will be a direct sales product like the MA-01 before it and is available starting at £465 plus VAT.

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