Every once in a while a product comes onto the market that is so obvious and so simple that you can’t help but think “How did I not think of that?”, the KALSU from Kralk Audio is such a product. About six months ago Alan from Kralk contacted me to tell me about this loudspeaker set up doodad and my immediate thoughts were “That’s genius” and “Everyone is going to want it”. 

So what is KALSU? Basically KALSU (Kralk Audio Laser Set-Up) is a little box you pop on top of your speakers that has a forward pointing battery powered laser and one on each side to enable fast and accurate speaker set up. In the smart carrying case you get a pair of KALSUs, a tape measure and a little spirit level. The tape measure is there to allow you to get the same distances from the walls of your room for each speaker – speak to anyone who treats rooms and they will tell you that a symmetrical room is important to get the best sound at the listening position. The spirit level you use to get your speakers level. Measure the distance between your speaker and set your chair in the centre and then move it back to where you would normally listen…we use the cheap and cheerful Poang chairs from IKEA so this is not a problem, but for those with heavier chairs just measure the centre spot and adjust your listening chair accordingly.

Now, pop a KALSU atop each speaker and make sure the front is flush with the front of your speaker. Angle your first speaker so it is pointing where your head would be on the chair, or if you share a couch behind the central position ensuring the beams are just within the edges of the couch. Move to the second speaker and do like wise…fans of Ghostbusters will be pleased to know that we suffered no ill effects when we crossed the lasers. So now you have both speakers firing directly at the listening position or hot-spot. That’s your speakers set up in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

But what are the side lasers for, I hear you ask. Well, this is a nifty feature of KALSU, these lasers show you your first reflection points on the left and right walls meaning you no longer have to employ a second person to move up and down each wall with a hand mirror, a time consuming and boring pass-time if ever there was. Once these points are shown you can add room treatment where the lasers hit the walls, we use GIK panels on legs but books, plants and other room furnishings can be added appropriately. Not in the Kralk bumph, but a good and useful feature is that you can, by standing the unit on its side and firing the side lasers at the floor and ceiling, also find first reflection points there too where you can put room treatment, rugs and the like. 


I’m not going to go into the sound of the KALSU units as they don’t have one, but what they do allow is you to set up your speakers quickly and accurately to get the very best stereo image.

If you want to make sure your speakers are set up accurately for your space quickly and easily then the KALSU really is a no-brainer. If you are a hifi dealer who sets up systems in peoples’ homes these units will make your life a whole lot easier. If you have speakers in and out your house regularly then just go buy one. A pair of KALSUs will cost you £120 in the UK but a little more if you reside elsewhere.


Build Quality: Nicely put together but without frills

Sound Quality: Allows you to quickly set up your speakers for best image but obviously no sound character of their own.

Value for Money: For the amount of time these things save they offer excellent value for money. 

Pros: Easy and effective.

Cons: Really, why did I not think of this!

Price: £120, a little more if outside the UK. 

You can find a link to KALSU in our Christmas Gift Guide promotion.

Stuart Smith

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