“After 5 years continuous production it was felt the BC-30 and DTLPS-1 deserved an upgrade to keep ahead of the competition” says Alan Clark of Kralk Audio.

The Mk2 range consists of the All New BC-30Mk2, the Elite, and at the North West Audio Show the brand new KA2 will be debuted. All other models in the range are now discontinued except the PAW stand.

Upgrades to the BC-30

Larger cabinet by 2 litres

New damping and bracing system featuring the new Isocone system as used in the new KA2,

New tweeter for extended response up to 40khz and better dispersion,

New doped paper bass driver with chassis damping

New stainless steel terminal plate with silver plated copper terminals

New 12db Bessel crossover all hard wired with Missing Link slingshot cable direct to the drive units

Price £1050

All New Elite MK2

All new MK 2 Elite with external crossover, the Elite gets a slightly bigger cabinet and the same new tweeter as the BC-30,

New polypropylene cone bass driver, also gets the new stainless steel  terminal plates and silver plated copper terminals.

The crossover design of the Elite has been changed to make it more home friendly… the terminals now all go in and come out of one side to hide the cables more effectively. The design of the box has been changed to accommodate the new changes and again the speaker and crossover is all hard wired with the missing link slingshot cables.

Price £2500

The New KA2 With External Crossover

Features Carbon fibre long throw bass driver and a new tweeter with Pyramid chamber for low internal resonance. The front baffle is mounted on the new Isocone system which isolates it from the main cabinet whilst inside the infinite baffle cabinet are a series of specially designed standing wave traps to trap the wave and give excellent bass control and very low colouration. Stainless steel terminal plate with silver plated copper terminals as in all other models,

The KA2 external crossover features ultra high quality capacitors and HD inductors. The crossover has adjustment for the tweeter with -3db 0db and +3db there is also a VU meter on each unit with adjustable sensitivity. Capacitors are housed in cages on the side of the large central inductor and the crossover and speaker are again all hard wired throughout with Missing Link slingshot cable

Price £3400 available June 25th and making its debut at the North West Audio Show.
Get your FREE tickets for the show here. 

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