Krell has announced what it is saying is the most revolutionary design change in its 33-year history: 3290_Krell_Solo_375_power_amps_(plus_preamp_and_power_supply)iBias™, a patent-pending new technology that uses the Class A circuitry yet consumes far less energy than a traditional Class A amplifier does.

“Because iBias technology eliminates crossover distortion, it allows the low-level details, subtleties and spatiality of music to come through exactly as they do in a traditional Class A amplifier. Yet iBias also allows these new amplifiers to produce the almost limitless dynamics that is the hallmark of Krell’s sound”.

“Class A amplifiers have always been the preferred choice of audiophiles, and they’ve been a hallmark of Krell engineering for decades,” Bill McKiegan, president of Krell Industries, said. “But concerns about energy consumption have reduced some of the enthusiasm for Class A. We are now building in our Connecticut factory a new type of amplifier with musicality that surpasses that of Class A and the energy-efficiency of newer Class G and H designs. Our iBias designs deliver all of this in a surprisingly compact package – and also incorporate internet-based technology that will delight both audiophiles and systems integrators.”

The new line includes seven models, each one built into a 3U-high (5.25 in/134mm) chassis with removable rack-mount ears. The model numbers of the amplifiers indicate their power in watts RMS per channel into an 8-ohm load. The line includes two monoblocks, the Solo 550 and Solo 375; two stereo amps, the Duo 175 and Duo 275; the three-channel Trio 275; the five-channel Chorus 5 and the seven-channel Chorus 7.

Krell Duo 175 stereo power amp (175W RMS per channel) – £7,500

Krell Duo 300 stereo power amp (300W RMS per channel) – £9,500

Krell Trio 300 three-channel power amp (300W RMS per channel) – £11,500

Krell Chorus 5 five-channel power amp (200W RMS per channel) – £7,500

Krell Chorus 7 seven-channel power amp (200W RMS per channel) – £9,500

Krell Solo 375 monoblock (375W RMS) – £8,750

Krell Solo 575 monoblock (575W RMS) – £11,250


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