Derek Gilligan, the founder and designer of Kudos Audio the British isobaric loudspeaker design and manufacturing brand, this week confirmed improvements to the Kudos Audio Cardea C10 and C20 loudspeakers.

These improvements to Kudos Audio Cardea C10 and C20 loudspeakers crossover date from last year but it has taken until now to verify that Kudos’ retailers worldwide had the new stock on demo or available to order.

Kudos Audio Cardea C10 And C20 Loudspeakers

Kudos Audio Cardea C10 Loudspeakers in Satin White

Kudos Audio Cardea C10 And C20 Loudspeakers

The cabinets of the Kudos Audio Cardea C10 and C20 loudspeakers are manufactured from balanced veneered High-Density Fibreboard (HDF). Unlike the standard Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), HDF is of a more consistent consistency both throughout and from batch to batch.

Custom SEAS Drivers

Kudos has always worked closely with SEAS of Norway the loudspeaker drive unit specialist supplier. Derek’s relationship with SEAS goes back very many years and enabled Kudos’ first-ever loudspeaker, the original version of the C10.

Both loudspeakers use a custom 180mm mid-bass unit with a die-cast chassis with large open areas, a coated paper cone, a 39mm voice coil in the C10 and a 26mm voice coil for the C20, both having a phase plug to aid directivity.  The HF unit is a custom version of the SEAS Crescendo K2 29mm fabric dome

Kudos Audio Cardea C10 And C20 Loudspeakers

Kudos Audio Cardea C20 Loudspeakers in Walnut


Derek’s view on crossovers is simple, use the simplest crossover that will deliver the musical message along with a neutrality that allows the speaker to be recording and genre neutral. The Kudos Audio C10 and C20 crossovers are first-order electrical for the LF utilising a zero-distortion low-resistance Mundorf air-core inductor. The HF is filtered by a second-order electrical circuit using an ICW capacitor and another Mundorf air-core inductor and a Mundorf MOX resistor.

The components mount, hard-wired and well-spaced, onto an HDF panel. The HDF panel is torqued to the rear of the cabinet ensuring the cabinet remains rigid

Price And Availability

The C10 and C20 are available in White, Walnut, Natural Oak and Black Oak. The C10 sells for £3500, the C20 for £4000.

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