It’s impossible not to fall in love with the songs of Kynnet (Finland), Teemu Tanner’s solo project, even if you got no idea what the hell he’s singing about.

The sound is tense and metallic, but Tanner’s voice feels calming. Speaking about Kynnet Teemu says: “I had some spare time being unemployed during one summer and I had an 8-track. We spent that summer at my then-girlfriend’s parents’ place, hiding away from an awful pipe repair at our own home. We eventually broke up during that summer and it kinda gave me the direction for all this that I do under the name of Kynnet. Being honest and spontaneous.”

He has since tried to widen his palette of subjects, but the ache is still a big part of his musical world.

The first single from their new 7″ entitled ‘Alaovi’ has dropped today on Loud & Quiet.

The 7″ is due out on 19th May via Black Pop Records.

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