Lauren Coombes interview UK Punk-Metal outfit LACK. 

Behind the Instruments: LACK

– Rob: vocals and guitar

– Jay: bass and vocals

– Steve: drums15086884_10154556149020661_1484451642_n

How/when did you guys meet?

– Jay: I’ve known Steve for 10 or so years now and Rob for a couple more.

– Rob: I’ve known Steve for about 25 yrs. Me and Jay were in a band and we needed a drummer, I gave Steve a shout … the next thing you know LACK was born.

– Steve: Me and Rob have known each other for years. He got me an audition with the last lot and then we started LACK after.

How long have you been playing music together for?

– Rob: Just the 3 of us as Lack about 2 ½ years we were in a different band for a few years before that.

– Jay: Yeah, we’ve toured, recorded and written with each other for around 7 years before getting LACK together.

How would you describe your sound?

– Jay: The ‘official’ line is a punk soul with a metal heart…

– Steve: ‘kin awesome!

– Rob: Metalli-punk I guess but there are all sorts in there if you listen carefully enough.

What/who are your musical influences?

– Slayer, Metallica, Misfits, Ramones, Black Sabbath, Leatherface, Killing Joke, Flipper, Refused, Wildhearts, Iron Maiden…lack4

What’s your favourite track you’ve written/recorded so far?

– Rob: The latest one

-Steve: The next one

What has been the best moment so far?

– Steve: Every gig. Getting on stage with my mates. Can’t beat it.

– Rob: Stowfest ‘15

– Jay: I loved opening for D.O.A after seeing them play earlier that week. Mind blown!lack2

What has been the worst/hardest moment so far?

– Rob: None I can think of… empty gigs suck though of course

– Jay: We’ve been pretty lucky so far. It helps being with your mates all the time. We tend to face the tricky stuff head on, with a grin and a pint.

– Steve: Going back to the real world.

With the new EP coming out soon, which sounds great, what’s next on ‘the list’ for you guys?

– Jay: We’ve got our last show of the year on December 3rd at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, South London. Then we’ll have a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year’s. We’re looking at getting out further afield next year.

– Rob: … yeah get the ep out early in the year then play a load of gigs to let folk know about it. We’re really looking forward to getting it out there.

Thanks for doing this guys it will be great for the review! Much appreciation!

– Rob: Our pleasure!

– Steve: Nice one.

– Jay: Any time.

Well, there you go! Safe to say if you didn’t know lack before then you sure do now. In total, I really enjoyed listening to what LACK had to offer and they are a genuine group of guys doing what they! I look forward to seeing how they do in future and I will certainly keep my eye out for the new album.

Lauren Coombes


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