Aqua’s La Diva and new Formula xHD will be at CES Las Vegas USA, January 9-12, 2018, VENETIAN HOTEL – suite 35-307 as part of the LAMM Industries system.

The system on show from LAMM Industries will feature their usual collaboration with other high end brands and will come out at just under $650,000 US retail price.

The system will be as follows:

Lamm             ML3 Signature amplifiers   $139,690/pair

Lamm            LL1.1 Signature line-level preamplifier

(pair: two mono preamps + two separate power supplies)          $45,590/pair

Lamm            LP1 Signature phono preamplifier

(set: dual-mono preamp + two power supplies) $36,890/set

Lamm            LP2.1 phono preamplifier, deluxe 9,390/each

Total for Lamm components:         $231,560

Kharma         Exquisite Midi Grand Signature speakers (pair) $191,000

TechDas       Airforce 1 turntable $110,000

SME   Model 3012-R tonearm (not in production)         $4,500

Model 3010-R tonearm (not in production)         $2,500

Ortofon         Winfield Ti cartridge $4,390

SPU mono cartridge            $1,000

Aqua Acoustic        La Diva CD transport           $9,000

Formula xHD D/A converter           $16,500

Sanus            Euro Series 5-shelf rack (2) and $320x 2 = $640

3-shelf rack (2)          $200 x 2 = $400

SRA    Amplifier stands (2)  $1,600/each x 2 = $3,200

Total for furniture components:     $4,240



speaker cables, 2.65m (2 sets)     $7,850/each ($15,700 total) interconnects RCA, 1m (1 set)            $3,000/each ($3,000 total) interconnects RCA, 1.65m (3 sets)  $3,950/each ($11,850 total) interconnects RCA, 2.65m (1 set) $5,500/each ($5,500 total) interconnects RCA, 45 feet (1 set) $18,600/each ($18,600 total)    AES/EBU , 1m (1 piece)    $1,800 power cords, 1.65m (10 pieces)   $1,450/each ($14,500 total) power cords, 2.65m (2 pieces)  $1,900/each ($3,800 total)

Total for TchernovCable components:              $74,750

TOTAL SYSTEM COST (U.S. RETAIL):             $649,440


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