Lampizator have announced a new DSD Only DAC called Eufonia. It will cost 1800 Euros plus taxes.

The company’s website claims that this signals the death of CD and there will be no more AES/EBU inputs and no more Toslink. The DAC will play normal normal red book CDs as DSD via the computer which they say will have a better sound quality than is achievable from PCM files directly.lampizatoreufonidsddac

The DSD engine in the Lamizator Eufonia is the same as in the Level 4, Big 5, Lite 7 and Big 7 DACs and the fully analogue tube stage is from their Amber project but with an improved circuit and tube section…

The Eufonia will auto detect DSD 64 and 128 and uses Amanero USB input 2 which is future proofed to 512x DSD. There will be auto muting of DSD artifacts and the Eufonia will use exclusively Jupiter Tin paper caps.

Tubes can be ECC81, ECC88, ECC82 or any equivalents and there’s a 6X5 tube rectifier diode in the tube power supply.

Outputs will be single ended with no option for XLR and it will be available with black or silver front panels.


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