Łukasz Fikus, owner of the Polish company Lampizator, known for their high end DACs, got in touch to tell us about their new creation, the Pacific DAC.

The Pacific DAC is our new creation, raising the bar in the area of digital to analogue conversion. It took over a year of intense research to push every technical aspect of our DAC technology to the new levels, we took everything thats great about Lampizator DACs  and created the state of the art reference product. We have a very clear idea what the reproduced music should sound like – like real live music. Our flagship products always had this sound in their design, thats why they inspire some of the world’s most demanding listeners, reviewers and musicians. The Pacific DAC has been designed from the ground up with one goal in mind – to create a DAC that supersedes everything we have heard before and do it “the Lampizator way””.

Every part of The Pacific DAC is completely new, even if rooted deeply in previous designs. The four main pillars of the construction are: the digital conversion section, the power supply section, the tube output section and control / management / volume section. And all this is housed in a unique chassis of pure polished brass.

Technical Highlights

Unique tube conversion output with Single Ended Triode, Directly Heated Triode, Active Dynamic Tube Anode Loading

New digital “engine” board with a conversion process unique to Lampizator.

New USB &  LAN computer interface that is with pre-installed ROON bridge 

New transformers, power supplies, new heater power circuits and new chassis

New Taras 2017 VC-04 Volume management system

The Lampizator Pacific DAC price ranges from 22,000€ to 29,000€ with upgrade packages available to owners of the Golden Gate.




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