The Lampizator Vinyl Phono MC1 is a result of a long period of research that Lampizator have undertaken regarding, they say, “the feasibility of creating the no compromise Phonostage that is worthy of our reputation in DACs”. From the look of it, it is as High End as you were expecting!

Lukasz Fikus, Lampizator’s creator, told us: “There were some basic criteria which we thought are important, namely no silicon, an MC input, (no MM at all in this particular model), tube rectified and regulated PSU, tube stages for input and output, no negative feedback and user switchable input loads for MC  (low – normal – high)”.

Lampizator Big 7 DAC

Lukasz continued: “We wanted a big housing like the Big 7 DAC, with premium parts and different finishes available like a gold, copper or red top etc”.

He also wanted concealed tubes, tube rolling to be possible, a Nixie display for four input loads and muting plus a “volume” style knob for load selection and a needle current meter.

Step Up Transformer

​There were a couple of questions that we asked “Why no MM input and why the user can’t use their own step up transformer?”

Lukasz told us: “Well, the complexity of our design is such, that the step up is entwined into the tube schematics, and can not be separated. They work together (transformer and tubes) so well, that separating them would be a crime and this marvelous Phono wouldn’t be as good as it is. So – no matter what is your step up – the benefits of what I did are far greater than the benefit of an outboard step-up plus cables of course. This way my design is great, simple one box, no cable fuss, no compatibility issue, no risk of mis-match, and full control of how it sounds. And besides – we used the best step-up we could possibly find and tested many side by side”.

Unique Features

Lampizator list the unique features of the Vinyl Phono as follows:

Pure tube design

Zero Feedback

Copper output caps

Amorphous core, high end SUT

Tube power supply

Tube rectification

Tube voltage regulation

Oversized transformer

Numerous CLC filter stages

User selectable cartridge loads

4 layer, gold trace PCB


The Lampizator Vinyl Phono MC1 will retail at 6600€ plus VAT

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