Lampizator have announced that as of next week all their DACs that come equipped with a remote volume will have remote controlled switching of digital inputs too. There will be no price increase.  There will be a retrofit package available as a kit for 100€ and DACs which are sent to Lampizator for upgrades or repairs of any kind can have this installed whilst the unit is with them. Lampizator also say you can do the retrofit yourselves with their simple manual and that only a soldering iron is needed.

Also starting May 1 Lampizator will introduce a “300B” DAC with the tubes exposed on the top of the unit. The Lampizator press release says “The tubes will be three kinds from “300B family” – 300B, 2A3 and 45 and the two 5u3 rectifiers will be exposed too. With this DAC there will be a choice of newest TDA1541A dac, the old 5/9 board or the new Level 5  “553” board”. The 300B DAC price will be listed at 4000€.

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