Heading to Bristol for the Bristol Hifi Show from Friday?  Here’s the latest from some of your favourite Hifi brands.


The digital audio music library specialists from Japan will be showing the entire Melco range at Bristol and demonstrating the archival-quality CD importing into the digital domain. With comparisons of CD rips available to audition, Melco’s experts will be on-hand to discuss the benefits of Melco’s unique approach to music management.

Where: Room 204 on the 2nd Floor and at Bay 1 on the Ground Floor


A ‘floorstander-eclipsing’ set up comprising the TD510ZMK2 speaker and partnering TD520SW subwoofer. Amplification will be provided by Ayre Acoustics’ new EX-8 integrated amplifier with digital inputs.

Where: (Decent Audio) Room 320 on the 3rd Floor.

More info here

Chord Electronics

Recently launched FPGA-based Hugo M Scaler, with the new Hugo TT 2 DAC/preamp/headphone amp into the matching TToby power amp. Bowers and Wilkins’ 805D3 speakers and a ‘Best of British’ theme.

Mojo and Poly will also be on demonstration on a second stand on the ground floor.

Where: Stand Bristol 6 on the Ground Floor (Mojo) and SS Great Britain 1 Suite on the Ground Floor (main system).

More info here

Chord Company

Chord Company will be introducing the benefits of its latest high-performance cable technology XLPE, an exciting new insulation material which doesn’t suffer the same phase issues as PTFE.

The introduction of XLPE follows the successful introduction of Taylon® as a range-topping phase-stable insulation material in the flagship Sarum T and ChordMusic speaker cables.

Where: Room 112 on the 1st Floor and on Stand Foyer 1a plus 1c on the Ground Floor…More info to follow soon!

Leema Acoustics

Fully updated and dramatically modernised version of the Leema CD player, the new Stream IV. Key updates include the addition of an advanced streaming module, enabling the player to deliver music streaming services in addition to CD, from its quality on-board DAC.

Where: Room 412 on the 4th Floor

More info here

Mitchell & Johnson

London’s Mitchell & Johnson will be proudly demonstrating its British-built 800 Series preamp and power amp, plus the new matching 800 Series CD player (£1,299) which will be making its debut at the show.

Where: Room 415 on the 4th Floor.

More info here

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