With the introduction of their now iconic Black Cube phono stage in 1995, German brand Lehmannaudio set a new standard for analogue systems.

Combining recording studio knowledge with high-fidelity expectations, the realised performance of their very first product launched the company as one to watch. Over the years many offshoots of the Black Cube design have appeared, and in 2020 Henley Audio are introducing an updated variant to the UK market.

Lehmannaudio Black Cube II Phono Stage

Lehmann Black Cube II

The Black Cube II phono stage uses studio-grade components and decades of design knowledge


Compatibility for MM and MC cartridges

Precise, passive RIAA equalisation network for  transient response and channel balance

Soft bass roll-off filter with 16 different settings

Adjustable gain settings

Adjustable impedance settings and custom impedance slot

Non-magnetic aluminium housing with mechanically dampened top cover to avoid microphonics and resonances

RCA sockets with gold-plated contacts

Shielded power supply cable

Lehmannaudio Black Cube II Phono Stage rear view


Black Cube II: £599.00 (SRP)

Available with Black or Silver faceplate

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