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Celebrating their 75th birthday, Lenco has launched two new affordable turntables, the Lenco L-92WA and Lenco L-3809.

Lenco, the HiFi and consumer electronics company, this year celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Lenco L-92WA And Lenco L-3809 Budget Turntables

The Lenco L-92WA turntable

To mark the occasion, Lenco has announced that two of its latest turntables are now available in the UK. The Lenco L-92WA is a belt-driven turntable for home listening, whilst the Lenco L-3089 is particularly suited for professional use and DJs with pitch control and USB recording.


The Lenco L-92WA turntable is a belt-driven turntable with a built-in dust cover, it is easy to use with an integrated preamplifier and pre-installed Audio Technica cartridge (AT3600). The belt drive has a robust aluminium platter and anti-skating feature along with a strobe light feature.The Auto-return feature ensures that the tonearm is lifted off the turntable once the record is finished and that it returns to the resting position. The turntable features two speed settings of 33RPM and 45RPM.

Lenco L-92WA And Lenco L-3809 Budget Turntables

Lenco L-92WA turntable for home use


The Lenco L-3809 is the latest offering from the company that is particularly suited for DJs and professional use. The direct drive guarantees that the record starts immediately on the high-quality full-size aluminium platter and can be connected directly to a mixer or stereo with the built-in phono pre-amplifier.

The L-3809 features lighting for optimal operating convenience and a stroboscope. Users can easily adjust the speed of the turntable with a variable pitch fader. The turntable ensures that vinyl records can be kept forever by transferring them to MP3 easily via the USB cable so that the records can be enjoyed digitally. Featuring 33RPM and 45RPM speed settings and a mechanical arm lift, the turntable comes with a removable plastic dust cover.

Lenco L-92WA And Lenco L-3809 Budget Turntables

Lenco L-3809 DJ and USB turntable


The Lenco L-92WA is available for £249 and Lenco and the L-3809 is available for £239.99

HiFi Pig Says: Having affordable and simple to use turntables is important to encourage new audiophiles into the hobby. Whilst they may not be the last word in Hi Fidelity, they do have a place in the market.

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