LessLoss Audio got in touch to tell us they will have their Laminar Streamer with Kaiser Acoustics of Germany and Kondo Audio Note of Japan at High End Munich 2017.

LessLoss told us: “The all-new Laminar Streamer finally solves the problem of digital audio harshness by using only a single clock source for the formation of the pristine digital audio stream. Although the device plays .wav and .aiff files off of SD cards, LessLoss did not incorporate the use of Windows, MAC OS, or Linux for its operating system. Instead, from ground up, LessLoss built a dedicated audiophile operating system, streamlined for the specialized task of serving the topmost quality data while avoiding timing jitter”.

Kaiser’s Acoustics of Germany, as from their from their very first day, continue to specialise in using high performance Panzerholz (bulletproof Tankwood) in all of their loudspeakers.

Kondo Audio Note, Japan, say of their products: “The products of Audio Note are made for and bond with audiophile’s heart. They seamlessly blend audio into music, with the ability to play back music at top audio performance. To fulfil audiophile dreams. To be original. To make products reaching the realm of art. This is the policy of Audio Note”.

Find the trio of brands in: Room: A4.1 E101/102





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