The all-new Laminar Streamer from LessLoss is undergoing final development and laminar_Streamer_LessLossfinishing and Louis from LessLoss got in touch to tell us about its progress and share a few photographs.

The Laminar Streamer has been designed to “solve the problem of digital audio harshness by using only a single clock source for the formation of the pristine digital audio stream” and although the device plays .wav and .aiff files off of SD cards, LessLoss did not incorporate the use of Windows, MAC OS, or Linux for its operating system. Instead, from the ground up, a dedicated audiophile operating system was built for the task of serving data while avoiding jitter.

The Laminar Streamer’s in house operating system runs synchronously at the audio sampling rate via the same audio clock used for the formation of the audio data stream.

The new Laminar Streamer will play any .wav or .aiff file from FAT32 formatted SD cards, any standard sampling rate files, from 44.1 kHz through 192 kHz files and 16 or 24 bit files at any standard sampling rate.

A small screen will display folder names, file names, sampling rates, absolute phase polarity, playback mode.

The main body for the Laminar Streamer is Panzerholz.

Price: to be announced.

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