Liedtke-Metalldesign, of Germany, have released a new speaker stand called LM-XTC, which is available in different colours and stand heights.

There are 2 different top plates available as standard, so the customer has the option to select the best possible top plate for their speaker. Custom-made top plates are also available.

LM-XTC Speaker Stands

Liedtke-Matalldesign have been manufacturing loudspeakers stands for fifteen years. The LM-XTC series foot plate offers good stability, which can be increased by filling the three columns (1×60 + 2x42mm diameter). There are four adjustable spikes in the base plate, the stand can be easily and optimally aligned.  Included in the package are eight anti-slip pads in the respective color for the top plates, as well as a 5mm Allen key with T-handle. Stainless steel floor protector discs for the spikes are available.

Prices per pair start from 499€

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