Linn has launched Exakt support for three more loudspeaker models from other manufacturers. The performance improvements of Exakt are now available for Kef Reference 5, PMC Twenty26 and JBL K2 S9900, in addition to the existing list of supported speakers which includes B&W Nautilus and 802 Diamond, Kudos Super 10, Super 20 and Titan 808. They have also also launched three new Exaktboxes .

Majik Exaktbox-I

Linn’s first Exakt product in the Majik range not only has all the capabilities of an Exaktbox, it also contains power amplification, making this an extremely flexible proposition for those looking for an accessible route to Exakt. Supporting a full Exakt Engine, along with 8 channels of digital-to-analogue conversion and 8 channels of 100W Chakra amplification, the Majik Exaktbox-I is a one-box, first-step upgrade to Exakt. Not only does it have enough channels to target any current or historic Linn speaker up to 4-way, as well as all eight models with Exakt support, it’s also software re-targetable so customers are able to change their speakers whenever they choose and keep their Exakt source.Linn_Majik_Exaktbox_l_news

Akurate Exaktbox

This is the second Akurate Exaktbox, with six digital-to-analogue conversions,for targeting loudspeakers requiring up to 3 channels of amplification. Linn’s existing Akurate Exaktbox with 10 outputs remains the perfect choice for those with 4- or 5-way loudspeakers. However, many of Linn’s historic loudspeakers are 3-way and this Exaktbox offers a dedicated Exakt product for them, as well as customers with 2-way speakers. Like the Klimax Exaktbox, the 6-way Akurate Exaktbox can be run in stereo mode, where a single Exaktbox targets a pair of 3-way speakers, or deliver higher performance in dual mono mode where the entire processing of each Exaktbox is dedicated to a single speaker.

Exaktbox Sub

The Exaktbox Sub has been specifically designed to work with all subwoofers, delivering seamless integration with a customer’s Exakt System and eradicating all of the issues associated with the addition of an analogue subwoofer to any music system. With a small discreet form, the Exaktbox Sub can be placed wherever it suits and even hidden out of sight if desired. It houses two channels of Akurate Exakt crossover and digital-to-analogue conversion, and there are RCA and XLR outputs on the rear which enable flexible configuration options, from separate left and right channels (using two subwoofers) to a mono or stereo connection for a single subwoofer. It can be used to target any subwoofer by simply adjusting the subwoofer gain to blend into the speakers.Linn_Exaktbox_Sub_news

Pricing and availability

All three new Exaktboxes are available now.

Exakt support for Kef Reference 5, PMC Twenty26 and JBL K2 S9900 will be available from November 2015.

The 6-way Akurate Exaktbox is priced at £3,500, the Majik Exaktbox-I is £3,950 and the Exaktbox Sub is £1250.


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