Linn launched its Exakt technology in September 2013 and Series 5 further adds to this family by delivering two new Exakt systems – the Linn 520 System and the Linn 530 System. The elegant Linn 530 System provides  the power, precision and incredible musical accuracy of a loudspeaker filled with technology – Exakt electronics, 300W of power amps and an Isobarik bass system – all from a discreet 30 litre cabinet size. The little sister, the 520 System, exudes all the musicality and finesse of an integrated Linn speaker with the same Chakra power amplification and Exakt electronics from a chic and compact 20 litre design. Both systems have jewel-cut glass stands and top plates in a choice of three finishes – grey, white or black. The Akurate Exakt DSM is the hub of a Series 5 system, and has connections for all music sources, whether that’s streaming music from online streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz, playing your treasured music collection or connecting a turntable.Linn_520_News Series 5 features a new textile speaker covering – Linn Fabrik – which has been designed to provide an elegant, contemporary and customisable look. The three new Linn Fabriks have been selected for their acoustic and aesthetic properties and are available in eleven different colours. A completely new manufacturing process was developed to secure the position of the Linn Fabrik on the loudspeaker and prevent it from vibrating. Once fitted to the speaker, the loaded settings for each Linn Fabrik allow Exakt to eliminate the effect of its frequency-dependent absorption as well as the acoustic resistance that it adds to the drive units. Linn has partnered with iconic fabric designers, Timorous Beasties and Harris Tweed Hebrides, to create new speaker cover collections – due for release in early 2016. With more collections launching throughout 2016 and beyond, it is possible to update your Series 5 speaker with new Linn Fabriks that will match the changing design of your home.Linn_530_Oatmeal_news

530 System: Prices start from £12,000

520 System: Prices start from £9,250

Customer can choose from Linn’s first collection of 11 Fabrik covers and the choice of a grey, white or black top plate and stand.


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