Linn has now announced an extensive programme that includes new products, new integrations with Crestron and Control 4 and new support for trade partners.

Linn refreshed its offering for the Custom Installation market in December last year with the launch of Kustom DSM, its first high performance multi-zone network music player, and now expands on this with a new approach to serving the Custom Installation market with Linn Whole Home and a comprehensive trade support package.

Linn Knekt

The launch 26 years ago of Linn’s Knekt system spearheaded the multi-room industry and set the benchmark for quality in distributed audio systems. Since then, Linn’s continuous investment into research and development has been realised across its entire product portfolio, with the recent launch of Kustom DSM completing the Linn Whole Home solution.

Linn Whole Home illustrates how the entire Linn product portfolio comes together as an audio solution for any project and enables Linn’s custom installation partners to offer their clients the highest quality sound throughout every space.

Linn Whole Home consists of four elements: Integrated Sound, Experiential Zones, Enriched Living and Seamless Control.

Integrated Sound

Kustom DSM forms the basis of Linn Whole Home’s integrated sound element as it provides multi-zone audio from a single product and delivers Linn quality sound that’s heard but not seen. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the Custom Installation market, it takes Linn’s DSM streaming technology and packages it as a flexible, scaleable and easy-to-install solution.

Each independent audio stream has its own HDMI ARC, TOSLINK, SPDIF and analogue RCA Phono inputs so each stream has its own independent sources for truly integrated sound, whether that’s from online streaming services or physical analogue or digital inputs. Linn’s range of power amplifiers can also be specified in rack-mountable casework, and in combination with Kustom DSM and Linn’s collection of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, provides a range of installation-friendly products.

Experiential Zones

This element employs Linn’s highest quality audio systems and separates in experiential zones to create the most immersive and impactful listening experiences. From music to movies and even full home theatre, Linn’s systems bring media rooms and central living spaces to life, with the added benefit that they will also work in perfect synchronisation with Linn’s Kustom DSM integrated zones.

These zones enable clients to take advantage of the full range of Linn’s engineering expertise by employing Exakt and Space Optimisation technologies.

Enriched Living

Great music is the heartbeat of the home and the wireless capability of Linn’s new all-in-one Series 3 speaker allows it to deliver sound to any area that may be hard to reach with structured wiring. One Series 3 own will offer room-filling sound; adding another to make a stereo speaker system will sound even better.

Seamless Control

Underpinning the other elements is Seamless Control: controlled via a Linn or 3rd party control app, all Linn systems work together seamlessly and, with new drivers for Crestron and Control 4, can be fully integrated and controlled as part of a wider connected home automation system.

Trade Support

Linn’s new dedicated Custom Installation sales, marketing and training team will support the existing network and will also roll out a programme of expansion into new territories.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Managing director said, ‘Linn pioneered the first multi-zone music system in the 1990s with Knekt Multiroom, the first distributed audio system on the market. The launch of Kustom DSM in December and our Whole Home proposition today illustrate our renewed commitment to the Custom Installation market, and we state our intention to become the most supportive partner for those installers who wish to deliver the very best audio performance to their clients.’

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