Lipinski Sound, primarily known for use in recording and mastering studios, goes self-powered and Lipinski_1upgradable for its 10th Anniversary with the unveiling of a new self-powered and upgradable loudspeaker system. The revised L-707A series of monitors are the latest development in a series of loudspeakers starting with Lipinski L-707.

L-700A Dual Power Amplifier and L-700B Power Amplifier ensure that each section of this modular speaker system will be powered by its own individual class-A amplifier (meaning that their Signature speaker system will now be driven by four amplifiers per channel) This is Lipinski’s newest Class AAB, all-discrete, dual-power amplifier based on low-feedback patented circuitry Lipinski Square OpAmps   unique in that, at no point does the audio signal pass through an integrated circuit, condenser, coil, or transformer.

Lipinski also have the Self-Powered True Reference monitor L-70 which is based on the same principles as it’s larger sibling.


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