The LittleZoe amplifier launches in world renowned Hi Fi Expo HIGH END Munich 2018. The amp will be presented at the Newcomers area of the exhibition from 10 to 13th of May.

Apart from its ultra modern design, this distinctive amp stands out in the crowd thanks to two innovations it brings to the hifi world.

  • Unconventional chassis architecture for ultimate performance
  • Solid body form produced by new age material resin using revolutionary technologies

LittleZoe concept focuses on discarding noises that prevent the quiet operation of the tubes to promote sound purity.

Two major design choices were made in order to eliminate resonances and improve overall sound clarity and definition:

* Building a solid non-resonant chassis to dampen noises in the mass of the body.

* Isolating the huge transformers from the chassis and routing their energy outside the amplifier, to the ground.

EL34 or 6550 editions

LittleZoe comes pre-tuned for EL34 tubes and its direct replacements, or for 6550 tubes – depending on the user’s taste.

Each version differs only in the tuning of the tubes and can be easily retuned if desired.


Push-Pull operation

Class AB1, Ultralinear

Modified Williamson topology

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 30KHZ (-2db)

12db total negative feedback

Sensitivity for full power: 150mV

Output: 2x45W RMS

4 RCA inputs

Tubes: 2x ECC82 , 2x ECC81

Power Tubes: 4x EL34 and it’s direct replacements, or 4x 6550

Expected to ship in September 2018

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