Live and very close up – the pure, hand-made sound

In the past few years, the accompanying musical programme at the HIGH END has become an integral part of the event. 2016’s Munich High End will again spoil its visitors with a broad international repertoire, sung and played live by outstanding musicians.

The artists will be providing wholly authentic live music – completely naturally, unplugged and without loudspeakers – that invites guests to linger, enjoy and listen. Visitors can look forward to a highly diverse range of music – Alpine folk, classical music, jazz, Balkan and Argentinian tango will alternate in resounding through the MOC during the trade fair.

HIGH END SOCIETY – supporting young and talented artists

The performing bands and ensembles have been selected solely from the Academy for Music and Theatre in Munich. The Academy for Music and Theatre stands for exceptional levels of artistic quality and for the finest education of outstanding young artists. The institution’s music academy has earned its current standing on the basis of its distinguished and globally renowned instructors, thus paving the way for many international careers. By incorporating the academy and its musicians into the trade fair programme,  the HIGH END SOCIETY is supporting young and talented artists in developing their burge- oning careers.

Traditional Bavarian music at the HIGH END

Traditional music removes barriers, it enthuses everybody present and facilitates lively communication between the musicians and the audience. It is customary for the event organisers to welcome international guests with traditional Bavarian music.


Playing on: 05/05/16, from 9:30 to 12:30 – in front of the exhibition grounds at the MOCHirschbachmusi

Hirschbachmusi is made up of five musicians all aged between 20 and 30. They came together in 2007 at the Academy for Music and Theatre in Munich. The five musicians have been deeply ingrained in folk music and Bavarian culture since their childhood in southern Upper Bavaria. Hirschbachmusi performs in the typical “Tobi-Reiser” line-up. Salzburg-born Tobi Reiser founded the tradition of playing folk music in with a conventio- nal line-up of dulcimer, zither, harp, guitar and double bass in the 1950s.Hirschbachmusi_2

Their repertoire consists of genuine Alpine folk and classical music. They have entertained audiences at various events with their string  music.

Fun With Mobile Music

The stage is where the musicians are playing. They do not need any technical aids, electricity or microphones. As a walking act they wander among the audience and bring a smile to the faces of the trade fair visitors.

Duo modéré

A musical voyage from the Occident via the Balkans to Tango Argentino

Playing on: 05/05/16 and 06/05/16 from 12:00 to 17:00 – throughout the exhibition areaDuo_Modere

The two young artists Adrian Planitz and Zdravko Zivkovic have made it their mission to perfectly combine the sounds of an accordion with that of a saxophone. Their repertoire ranges from classical music to Balkan sounds and Argentinian tango. Both musicians studied at the Academy for Music and Theatre in Munich and have won several 1st prizes at international competitions.Duo_Modere_2_

Duo Papagena

From baroque music and light classical music and arrangements to music from the romantic era

Playing on: 07/05/16 and 06/05/16 from 12:00 to 17:00 – throughout the exhibition areaDuo_Papagena

The duo was founded in 2012 by flautist Shantala Vallentin and oboe player Carolina Nees. The former scholars at Jehudi Menuhin`s Live Music Now range far from their home in Munich all over Germany and play regularly in Nuremberg, Augsburg, Würzburg, Rosenheim, Freiburg and Mannheim.

In February 2014 they received second prize for the interpretation of a contemporary work at the chamber music competition organised by the Mozart Association 1829 in Nuremberg.




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