Henley Audio, Pro-Ject’s UK distributor, have a lot to show you at this weekend’s Bristol Show. Pro-Ject have been very busy, and they have 5 new electronics and 4 new turntables launching.

There are new Box Design S2 electronics models , and during the show you will be able to see the new Maia S2, CD Box S2 and Stream Box S2 on full demonstration in Room 416. All the new S2 models are also available in stores and from stock immediately. The Stream Box S2 (£215.00 SRP) is a brand-new addition to the range, joining the family as Pro-Ject’s most affordable streaming solution ever. The Stream Box S2 is a high-quality network audio streamer with support for high-resolution data upto 24-bit / 192kHz. The Maia S2 (£435.00 SRP) brings new generation aesthetics to Pro-Ject’s popular Maia integrated amplifier. My Audiophile Integrated Amplifier, or Maia, represents all that is good about modern hifi. It brings a DAC, a phono stage, a wireless receiver, a headphone amplifier and an integrated amplifier all into one compact chassis.

The CD Box S2 (£325.00 SRP), is a compact slot-load CD player, carefully manufactured to an industrial standard utilising aluminium casework and buttons. The Power Box S2 (£175.00 SRP) and Accu Box S2 (£215.00 SRP) are brand new additions, the Accu Box S2 is a high-end, accu-driven power supply designed to deliver, clean power to selected Pro-Ject products. There is also a 5V USB output, for some other S2 Series products, such as the popular Pre Box. The Power Box S2 is an external power supply for up-to three Pro-Ject devices with a non-switching power supply.


There will be no less than four new turntables unveiled ahead of their full launch later this year, this will be the first time any of these models have been shown anywhere in the world. Three models will be on display in The Bristol Suite on the Henley Audio stand and one will be in Room 416.

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