Lots more photographs of loudspeakers from this year’s High End show in Munich.


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More horns and conventional speakers here. 




High End Munich - Its all about the people!
System Pictures From Munich High End 2015

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  • Concrete Loudspeakers At High End Munich

    Concrete Audio of Germany presents its monolithically poured loudspeakers at Munich High End show. F1, the world's flattest loudspeaker, active and wireless and made of concrete. They include an integrated amplifier, streams using Audiofly Syncronice and are just 32mm thick.  

  • Diesis At Munich

    Diesis Audio whose Aura loudspeakers Hifi Pig reviewed got in touch to tell us they will be at HiGH END Munich, at Hall 3 stand G 14. A full demonstration room will be set up at the HiFi DeLuxe show in Munich May 14th to May 16th.  where their full range of speakers (Caput Mundi, Aura, Ludos) and their integrated amp, Evento 20-11 are going to be demoed.

  • LEEDH At Munich High End

    French breakthrough technology company LEEDH, whose very distinctive E2 loudspeakers we loved when we reviewed them, will be at the High End show in Munich in Atrium 4.2, room E210  LEEDH will present a full optimized system and say that it will be the most neutral and holographic representation of an original recorded sound you will hear! The system for…

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