Walter Liederman of Underwood Hifi, who owns Living Sound Audio, has announced a new program delivering a ‘budget reference’ headphone design, the LSA HP-3 NOVA. The headphones have been made in collaboration with Kennerton Audio Equipment.

The HP-3 is an advanced design featuring a hybrid 50mm membrane made of Mylar that is powder-coated with Graphene using a thermal bonding methodology

The LSA HP3 Nova Headphones

Kennerton Magni

Liederman says: “This headphone is our version of the world-renown Kennerton Magni. This new version of the Magni has already earned a stellar reputation around the world. Extensive R&D yields a membrane that is lighter AND stiffer at the same time. This 50mm membrane is at the very core of the HP-3 NOVA and surely define the Budget Headphone Category for years to come”.

The LSA HP-3 Nova features details such as an adjustable steel headband and natural lamb’s leather earpads with a new, laser inscription and lacquered, chocolate curly maple finish to the cups.

Technical Specifications

Driver Unit                                                     50 mm

Frequency Response                                 15-50000 Hz

Sensitivity                                                      114 dB

Impedance                                                    33 Ohm

Maximum Input Power                                250 mW

Cord length         2 meters length detachable cable made from OFC wires is terminated with  gold plated 6.3 mm TRS connector

Weight                                                           440 g


The LSA HP-3 Nova is available at a ‘One World’ price of USD $599 delivered, anywhere in the world

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