Lumen White will premiere the “white light anniversary” reference monitor loudspeakers at the munich high-end show 2015  celebrating 15 years of benchmark shifting innovation in high end M-Y-S-T-E-R-E-2010-G-S-Paudio design.

Introduced  in  2000,  lumen  white`s  original  “white  light”  reference  monitors featured the world`s first all-ceramic driver array, “radically advanced pressure- and flow-dynamics optimized, air-damped, instrument-grade  tone-wood  cabinets,  purist  crossover  design  and  further advancements of the art”.

5 years in the making, a completely new generation of significantly advanced, custom designed drivers and continuous refinements of their loudspeaker technologies have prepared the stage for lumen white to introduce the latest generation of their reference monitor speaker designs. The new technologies will be premiered in a special “anniversary” model of the iconic “white light” monitors format.

The “white light anniversary” reference monitors will be premiered in a white macassar finish at the High End 2015 show in Munich, together with the latest generation of lumen white`s limited edition “mystere” air bearing turntable system (pictured). The products will be demonstrated in hall 1, booth S03, may 14 through may 17.



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