Luxman has announced the release of a new CD player, the D-03X. This model inherits the essential configuration of the D-05u CD/SACD player. It is Luxmans latest digital media player that supports MQA (MQA-CD/MQA files), a format which has seen an increasing number of titles released in recent years

The CD playback system benefits from their latest design and specifications, with a new steel top-plate and highly reliable, dedicated CD transport mechanism, consisting of an extremely thick aluminium mechanical base and a shielded box chassis, with a loopless structure, to improve accuracy and reduce noise when reading discs.


The D/A converter circuitry features dual Texas Instruments PCM1795 chips to handle high-resolution files.The D-03X represents Luxman’s ideal digital disc player, maintaining accuracy when converting digital signals to high-quality analogue signals, using independent left and right monaural mode DACs and high-quality output amplification via fully balanced output circuitry


The USB input supports PCM data up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD files up to 5.64MHz/1bit (the maximum sampling frequency is still being verified). The S/PDIF input supports up to 192kHz/24bit digital signals.


MQA-CD/MQA full decoding and file playback is supported. Decoding status (Studio/Blue, Authentic/Green, Renderer/Red Purple) is clearly shown by three different coloured LED indicators on the display.


Supported media CD、CD-R、MQA-CD

Digital input/output Input :USB x 1、COAX x 1、OPT x 1/Output :COAX x 1、OPT x 1

Sampling frequency

USB input (PCM): 44.1k、48k、88.2k、96k、176.4k、192k、352.8k、384 kHz (16、24、32bit)

USB input (DSD): 2.82M、5.64MHz (1bit)、11.28MHz (1bit)

USB input (MQA): 44.1k、48 kHz(24bit)/(MQA renderer mode):88.2k、96 kHz (24bit)

COAX/OPT input :44.1k、48k、88.2k、96k、176.4k、192kHz (16、20、24bit)

Analogue output Unbalanced x 1, Balanced x 1

Analogue output voltage /impedance 2.4 V/300Ω(Unbalanced)、600Ω(Balanced)

Frequency response CD 5Hz~20kHz(+0、-0.5dB)、USB 5Hz~50kHz(+0、-3.0dB)

Total Harmonic Distortion /S/N ratio (IHF-A)

CD 0.0015%、USB 0.0009%/CD 122dB、USB 123dB


[Front panel] Power switch, Play/Pause/Stop/Track forward/Track back, Disc eject key, Disc tray, Output phase inverter, digital input switch (digital output on/off), FL display, MQA decode indicator

[Rear panel] Input terminals, AC inlet

[Remote functions] Disc eject, Disc operation, numeric keys, Display zoom, time display switch, digital input/output switch, Display dimmer, Output phase inverter, Track program order/random/repeat

Dimension/Weight 440(W)×133(H)×410(D) mm (Including 2mm front buttons & 8mm rear terminals)/13.2kg(Unit)

Power consumption 18W 、1W (at standby)

Accessories RD-28 Remote controller、Power cable



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