M2Tech has introduced the Mitchell Analog Electronic Crossover. The Mitchell is a 3-way stereo or 6-way mono electronic crossover which does it all in the analogue domain. No A-to-D and D-to-A conversions are performed.

Each way can be independently configured to be low-pass, high-pass or band-pass. An all-pass module in each filter allows for accurate phase alignment at crossover frequency. Notch filters are available for drivers’ breakup attenuation. Level matching is accomplished by independent level control.

M2Tech Mitchell Crossover

Single Ended And Balanced

Each way is provided with a filter module. Filter modules can be cascaded to trade the filter complexity with available ways. The Mitchell can be set in mono to get up to 6 ways for complex speaker systems. Both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs available.

M2Tech Mitchell Crossover back panel

The Mitchell is an analogue device in which software-controlled integrated potentiometers and switches allow for configuration of the signal path, as well as the cutoff frequencies and damping factors.

M2Tech Programming

Configuration is done using a PC by USB connection. The PC sees the Mitchell as a serial device (UART), therefore a simple terminal program can be used to send configuration commands following the simple programming language developed by M2Tech. The configuration is stored in non-volatile memory and it’s applied at each power-up, therefore there’s no need to keep the Mitchell connected to the PC all the time.

M2Tech Mitchell Crossover inside

Free App

To make the configuration process even easier, M2Tech provides a free app for Windows wihch allows to choose the right filter setup for each module and send frequency and damping information. The app helps the user to automatically design filters according to standard models: Butterworth, Chebishev, Bessel. Filters frequency responses can be displayed in a graph. The app allows for storing configurations in files, upload/download configurations to/from the Mitchell and setting various features, like the selected input. Changes to the configuration can be heard in real-time.


MSRP is 4200€ + VAT.

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