Mad Scientist Audio Ltd has released a range of what their recent press release is calling  “innovative” audio cables that use carbon fibers in the signal path.  The New Zealand based company say this technology brings benefits like “immunity from skin effect, much smaller Eddy currents, which are quickly dissipated, and in the digital cable, absorption of jitter-causing
internal reflections”.torfb1

The Heretical Digital Cable

The Heretical Digital Cable (HDC), so-named because it makes no claim to
have 75-ohm impedance, takes a different approach. Mad Scientist say that in regular cables it’s possible for internal reflections to bounce up and down the cable many times, causing cable jitter but by using a resistive carbon fiber signal conductor, the HDC prevents this by turning these to heat.
Costs $99 for one meter  (introductory price until end 2015).

Range of Interconnects

The RCA, single-ended interconnect range also use a carbon fibre signal
conductor, but differ in construction and ground wire materials.  Another
innovation is the “Audio Block”, made from New Zealand native Rimu wood, it holds a pair of Mad Scientist Magic Tubes and a laser etched directional
arrow. Magic Tubes “are an enhancement device that uses subatomic phenomena to improve the sound quality” say the company. The tubes can be easily removed if the effect is not desired.

ATOH Interconnect

The entry level ATOH uses Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) single crystal copper  ground wire, and starts at $269 for 0.7 meter pair.

YANAM Interconnect

YANAM (mid level) and TORFORB (high end) use the same construction – multi element ground system using foil plus copper and silver OCC wires.

The YANAM uses copper foil and Neotech OCC wires.

Starts at $499 for 0.7 meter pair.

TORFORB Interconnect

TORFORB takes this one step further, using silver (or optionally silver and
gold) foil, plus low volume specially-produced copper and silver OCC wires
for the ground system. Prices start at $1099.

ATOH, YANAM and TORFORB are available with a selection of RCA plugs
including Sonarquest Carbon/Rhodium, KLE Innovations Copper Harmony and Silver Harmony. Others available on request.


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