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The Merlin Tarantula (Pictured) is a six-way RF and EM filtered mains distribution block wired with very low resistanceTarantula block 1.5mm2 high purity copper wire.  Star-wiring ensures each socket has an identical path providing each connected component a “cleaner and more stable supply”. The IEC input socket allows the mains inlet lead to be easily upgraded.The Tarantula is built into a smart silver-anodized aluminium enclosure designed for either rack or wall mounting.

The Merlin Black Widow is a six-way unfiltered mains distribution block more suited to high quality hi-fi use where excessive filtration can limit dynamics.  1.5mm2 high purity copper star-wiring is said to provide a much higher quality supply than the brass bars found inside most cheap mains blocks. The IEC inlet allows swapping the supplied mains lead for a high quality cable.The Black Widow mains distribution block is built into a black anodized enclosure suitable for shelf or wall mounting.  A numerical display indicates the output voltage and current.
All Merlin Cable products are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Merlin Cables Tarantula mains distribution block is£50

Merlin Cables Black Widow mains distribution block is £80

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