Manger Audio is now offering two filter designs for the Linn Exaktbox for its p1 (pictured) and z1 passive loudspeakers. The two filter designs use either minimum phase or linear phase filters, of which the former was developed by Daniela Manger and the latter by Linn UK themselves.

The filters differ with regard to time response and phase response respectively, with Manger recommending the minimum  design, as expected. With Linn‘s technology you can compare both filters and decide for yourself.

Daniela Manger told us: “With the use of the Linn Exaktbox for the active drive of your Manger speakers, the passive crossover must be bypassed by directly connecting the loudspeaker drivers to the speaker binding posts. This should preferably be done by your retailer”.

As Linn’s Exakt filter data can only be accessed through the speaker manufacturer, contact Manger Audio directly via the contact details on their website.


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