Mass Fidelity is a community of audiophiles, designers and engineers based in Toronto, Canada connected in a mission to bring Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.55.35the world high fidelity sound in the most convenient way possible. “Simplicity in design and dexterity in function make Mass Fidelity products unlike anything else you have ever seen or heard. Beautiful, thoughtfully created conduits for the sounds you love” the most recent press release tells us.

The Mass Fidelity Relay is a Bluetooth DAC that allows you to stream to your existing hi-fi set-up, allowing you freedom to roam the house with the ability to control your hi-fi at your fingertips. Unlike most wireless music systems there is no hassley Wi-Fi set-up, no downloading of apps to control the system, no unnecessary hoopla. With the new Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth DAC, you simply plug and play; wireless music straight from your smart device, in your usual media player, to your hi-fi set-up all in a matter of moments.

So much more than just a Bluetooth receiver the Mass Fidelity Relay contains a Burr-Brown DAC. This combined with the Relay’s Cirrus microprocessor, which decodes lossless aptX Bluetooth – means that “all of the musical detail is preserved, generating a dynamic range and full bandwidth response that elevates digital music from a series of ones and zeros to an emotion packed artistic expression.”

If you already have an outboard DAC you love, the Relay is still useful thanks to its Uni-fi output stage so have the option of using your outboard DAC with Relay. With a 5 second push of the power button Relay switches the two RCA jacks to output 24 bit S/PDIF digital, allowing you to stream to two outboard DACs at the same time.


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