German based MBL whose 116F Radialstrahler loudspeakers we reviewed in 2012, have announced their latest mlnobleline“Noble Line” electronics at this years CES in Las Vegas.The range will include amps and digital products.

The New range of amps feature the second generation of the company’s Linear Analogue Switching Amplifier (LASA) technology which is independent of speaker load and “guarantees a low distortion signal that is independent of the frequency” –this basically means that the new amps can deliver up to 36 amps into any loudspeaker. They also contain Unity gain which effectively reduces the amplification by 8dB which MBL say decreases noise and distortion but increases dynamics and resolution.

The digital side of the Noble Line of products come with a wide array of inputs including DSD capability, a redesigned USB port that is optically insulated and self powered – asynchronous signals transmit at up to 24Bit/192kHz.

Like all MBL products the Noble Line will be made at the company’s facility just outside Berlin.

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