Fine Sounds UK, the newly created high-end audio distributor focussing on McIntosh and Sonus faber in the United Kingdom, has partnered with 16 new hifi dealers across the UK and Ireland following its August the 1st debut.

In just a few short months and despite a challenging backdrop of local and national lockdowns, Fine Sounds UK has opened eleven new Sonus faber dealers and five new McIntosh dealers, adding to an already comprehensive UK and Ireland network.

Fine Sounds has taken on 16 new dealers for McIntosh and Sonus faber

New Products

The expansion forms part of the company’s UK and Ireland investment programme and has been perfectly timed to align with many recently announced products from McIntosh, including the C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier and MC830 Solid State Amplifier, MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier and MX100 A/V Processor/MI347 7-Channel Amplifier, plus new products from Sonus faber, including the new three-strong Lumina range; more new products will be announced later this month.

Custom Install

In addition, Fine Sounds UK has also increased its custom install dealer network, adding 12 of the best CI companies across the territory who will focus on the expanding range of install and home cinema products from both the McIntosh and Sonus faber portfolio.

Heading up the rapid expansion is Fine Sounds UK and Ireland Sales Director, Andy Oattes who said, “The response from the market to what we are doing has been amazing. Our plans for the future, product portfolio and all-round excellence in quality, really resonate with dealers and end-users. We are incredibly focused on working with the best dealers across independent hi-fi and custom install in the UK and Ireland, and our timing appears to be impeccable; the lockdown seems to have given people the time to enjoy music and engage with all aspects of A/V at home. We are building our market by helping our dealers promote the best of engineering, luxury and craftsmanship that McIntosh, Sonus faber and Bassocontinuo have to offer, and we aim to be the very best partner to our network. Watch this space: we are only just getting started and I am incredibly excited about our future plans.”

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