McIntosh Laboratory has launched a new integrated amplifier, complete with three-input DAC, headphone amp, plus a MA5200+Angle+RightJPGMoving Magnet phono input all in a compact chassis. 

The MA5200 offers D/A decoding at up to 32-bit/192kHz for digitally connected devices, plus a complement of analogue inputs. The three-strong digital input suite in the McIntosh Digital Engine includes an assignable coaxial and optical input, plus a dedicated asynchronous USB 2.0 input (operating at up to 32-bit).

Offering a (conservatively rated) 100-watt output and MA5200 benefitting from a Home Theatre Pass Through feature, it should integrate nicely into existing multichannel home cinema systems.

The MA5200 sells for £4,995 and is available now.  


Headphone output

High drive, high level inputs unbalanced: 4 stereo

High level inputs balanced: 1 stereo

Variable outputs unbalanced: 1 stereo

Digital USB input: 1 (USB 2.0 asynchronous)

Digital coaxial input: 1

Digital optical input: 1

Moving magnet phono

Home theatre pass through

RS232 control input

Power control output

Rear panel data ports

Rear panel IR sensor input

Input level match


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