McIntosh’s return to CI  and diversifies its offerings to suit an ever-changing array of environments.

Commenting on the new McIntosh CI range of Distribution Amplifiers and In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers, Charlie Randall, McIntosh President and CEO said, “We are excited to return to the custom install category with these new amplifiers and speakers. Many of our traditional home audio products have been used for distributed audio applications by talented CI installers. We are happy to once again offer products specifically designed for custom installation.” 

McIntosh will also be using ISE 2019 to show its recently announced 70th Anniversary amplifiers, the new MC2152 70th Anniversary Vacuum Tube Amplifier and C70 70th Anniversary Vacuum Tube Preamplifier. These special recent additions will be bolstered by the November-announced XRT1.1K loudspeaker, a scaled-down version of the £137,500 flagship XRT2.1K.

About the McIntosh Distribution Amplifiers 

McIntosh is introducing two new highly efficient Class distribution amplifiers, the four-channel MI254 Power Amplifier (250W into 8 Ohms) and eight-channel MI128 Power Amplifier (120W). Each employ highly sophisticated closed-loop digital switching amplifiers paired with extremely robust power supplies; the combination produces performance levels that are rarely achieved in distributed audio.

The Class D amplifiers do not require noisy cooling fans making them perfect for a wide range of CI applications. The MI254 is well suited to driving home cinema speakers and could be integrated into virtually any existing home system with ease.

Both feature convenient front panel LED indicators for channel status and the MI254 goes a stage further to include two blue McIntosh Watt Meters displaying the summed power output of channels 1 + 2 and channels 3 + 4.

Around the back, the MI254 features McIntosh’s standard five-way speaker binding posts, while the MI128 uses 2-pole Phoenix-style push-in speaker terminals. The MI128 also includes back panel volume controls for volume balancing, along with two coax or optical digital audio inputs and channel-summing circuits for easy mono signal distribution.

Further MI254 and MI128 features include signal overload technology, BUS input and outputs to easily distribute a stereo signal to multiple outputs and/or multiple amplifiers, individual channel inputs; 12-V triggering capabilities and eco-friendly on/off signal-sensing. Both have the same installer-friendly physical dimensions and are 2U rack-mountable (mounting ears are removable for non-rack installations).

About the McIntosh In-Wall and In-Ceiling SpeakersMcIntosh has also launched three new CI speakers: the WS500 and WS300 In-Wall Speakers, plus the CS200 In-Ceiling Speaker, all three of which are voice-matched to each other for seamless integration. Highly versatile, the WS500 and WS300 can be adapted to both two-channel and multi-channel needs. Both are three-way speakers, designed to deliver incredible performance in any environment. Their fully enclosed with controlled air chambers, minimise distortion and response irregularities.

The WS500 features two 165mm (6.5-inch) woofers, two 50mm (2-inch) inverted Titanium-dome midranges and one 19mm (3/4″) Titanium-dome tweeter, while the WS300 has one 200mm (8-inch) woofer, two 50mm (2-inch) inverted Titanium-dome midranges and one 19mm (3/4″) Titanium-dome tweeter.

Both the WS500 and WS300 feature newly designed shallow woofers that allow for each speaker to be just 93mm (3.625-inches) deep, permitting them to fit in almost any wall. The woofers utilise a long- throw, high-power design with moulded carbon-reinforced cones with elastomeric surrounds for high linearity.

The three-way CS200 In-Ceiling Speaker features a 100mm (8-inch) woven glass fibre woofer, two (50mm) 2-inch inverted Titanium-dome midranges and one 19mm (3/4-inch) Titanium-dome tweeter. The midranges and tweeter are housed in a rotating array for increased flexibility.

Each speaker will come with all required hardware and mounting mechanisms for post construction installations; rough-in kits will also be available. The grilles on each speaker magnetically attach, are paintable and will leave little to no visible edge of the mounting flange so the speakers can virtually disappear into their surroundings. Each speaker is designed to handle up to 250 Watts of power.

Pricing and availability 

McIntosh’s new Custom Install products are available to order now.

MI254: £5,995
MI128: £4,495
WS500: £2,995
WS300: £2,495
CS200: £1,495





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