Melco has launched Melco music HD, a free iOS control point App for its digital music libraries. The new App, which is available now from the Apple App Store, has been designed to offer intuitive control and simple navigation when a Melco digital music library is connected to a USB DAC.

Released as an iPad-specific App, Melco music HD streamlines the accessibility and playback of stored, streamed and downloaded music from the Japanese specialist’s digital music libraries, consolidating content and services into one easy-to-use control point App.

Melco music HD offers full TIDAL and Qobuz streaming integration. Music can also be accessed from UPnP servers on the network for streaming to Melco devices acting as a renderer.

The Melco music HD’s home screen lists available music sources for quick and easy access to a wide range of music ready for instant playback.

Album artwork, plus album, artist and track name, along with file type, sample rate, bit-depth and bandwidth information is displayed on the music playback screen, with full-screen album artwork mode also available. The App also supports gapless PCM playback and gapless DSD with a suitable DAC.

The App also enables multiroom control for homes and environments with more than one networked music source, plus the ability to create, play and manage playlists, play and manage playlists stored on the iPad.

Melco music HD is compatible with the Melco N1, N10 and N100 digital music libraries and requires iOS version 9.1 and above.

Daniel Raggett, Melco Business Development Manager said, “We have made the Melco music HD app simple and effective to use for customers who want to be able to access all of their stored and downloaded music at the touch of a couple of buttons. The app is right at the start of the musical experience, where music lovers want to quickly find what they want, sit back, relax and listen.”

Available now from the Apple App Store


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