Melco has partnered with SongKong, from JThink who developed the Jaikoz tagging software. SongKong for Melco is primarily a simple to use solution that automatically re-tags a complete music folder, or a complete collection, in a consistent manner, in accordance with the rules and algorithms optimised for large collections including Classical and Jazz. The rules are clearly stated and can be amended by the user.

Additionally, and important for audiophiles with collections of Naim wav rips, SongKong for Melco not only creates conventional embedded metadata, which is missing from the Naim rips, but also makes additional lookups to extend the depth and quality of the metadata for ease of browsing, and opens the Naim rips to be used with players other than Naim, including the Melco local USB-DAC player.

A single button for ‘Fix Songs’ will allow SongKong to harvest all known metadata from the music folder, and then SongKong for Melco will supplement the metadata using additional libraries from the existing metadata as well. For each track revised, metadata is embedded in a totally consistent manner irrespective of the original music source – acoustic fingerprinting even allows vinyl rips to acquire metadata where available. Badly configured metadata, or even a lack of metadata in the case of Naim.wav rips, is replaced by optimally constructed metadata fields. SongKong for Melco supports all the main music formats and brings order to the tagging of .wav files. There is scope for user configuration which applies to the whole library, and a single button will undo all changes. Duplicate files often exist in collections, sometimes with different sample rates or compressions, and a single button on the SongKong for Melco Control Panel will manage the deletion of needless files, saving multiple entries in the Browser or the waste of HDD space. After processing, SongKong for Melco generates a detailed report of all changes, any problems, and delivers a complete catalogue of the collection at that time. SongKong for Melco is fully supported by the support and forum of JThink and can be downloaded now for £40. It is multilingual.





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