Melphi are a Dutch four piece and say that they are inspired by contemporary Scandinavian pop music. Through The Looking Glass is their first full length album being preceded by an unnamed EP in 2011.

The band were formed in 2010 by Rogier Telderman who writes most of the music here (and plays piano) but the the real focus of the band on this record is Lotte van Drunen the silky voiced vocalist. That said the musicianship on Through The Looking Glass is really pretty fabulous. Jurriaan Dekker on bass has a beautiful, solid and yet somewhat free-form style that complements Willem van der Krabben’s eminently danceable rhythms on drums and percussion.

Ok, I haven’t he faintest idea of what “Scandinavian pop” sounds like specifically but if this is what inspires Melphi then I’ll be exploring it a bit further after this.

Through The Looking Glass is jazzy, it’s soulful and whilst it’s definitely on the intelligent side of the pop spectrum it doesn’t lose itself in trying to be over clever and …noodly, though there are some very nice instrumental passages to be heard. The record remains solid, coherent and foottappingly infectious throughout. It’s musical and irresistible, soulful and uplifting.

The recording is very nicely done and carried out with a nice light touch that allows the music to shine through. there is a good deal of thought gone into the recording process and you can hear it. the individual musicians manage to keep their own personalities and musical identities throughout but are brought together to produce a wonderfully coherent noise throughout.

Through The Looking Glass is a great record of modern, jazz tinged rhythms with a soulful touch offered by the vocal style of Lotte van Drunen that will appeal to a wide audience. the record works as a whole and it’s recommended to listen as a whole but the standout track for me is Slow Motion…or perhaps Last Night….hell, it’s all very good indeed. Out now on Snip Records and downloaded in this instance from HIGHRESAUDIO. Recommended!

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