Meridian has announced the introduction of its Explorer USB DAC. The Explorer is a pocket-sized high-resolution USB 2785_Explorer_1DAC from “that delivers best-in-class sound from any computer”. Featuring a range of connectivity, the Explorer can be used in a variety of applications from private headphone listening to full system playback.

The Explorer is compatible with Mac, Linux or Windows computers and is a fully asynchronous, USB audio class 2 DAC.

Key Features

– 24bit/192kHz native conversion capability
– Separate low-jitter crystal oscillators for 44k1 and 48k based sample rates
– Asynchronous data transfer
– 6 layer PCB
– USB2 mini B socket – Plug and Play with MAC (Windows driver available)
– Direct-coupled outputs
– Variable line out – Full Analogue Volume Control for headphones or powered loudspeakers
– Headphone amp
– Fixed line out – 3.5mm connects directly to audio system
– Optical digital output – full resolution for receivers or DACS (up to 96kHz)
– Lights to indicate incoming sample rate
– Soft convenient USB cable provided for ease of placement to protect computer mother board from mechanical stress
– Hand assembled at Meridian’s UK headquarters.

Price £249, $299


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  1. The Explorer reports here in the States are hitting the airways as we speak. The Explorer performance very impressive and at $299 a audiophile bargin. Said to be miles ahead in everyway!

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