Audio Artist Kostas Metaxas has released a highly limited edition ‘Papillon’ Studio Reel to Reel tape machine.

The new machine is totally bespoke and can be tailored to the client’s needs, playback only or with recording function, tapes heads in ¼, ½ or 1” sizes. There will be only ten made and pricing will depend on the individual specification.

The Metaxas & Sins Papillon takes up to 15-inch reels


15″ Reels

The Metaxas & Sins T-RX Portable Reel to Reel tape recorder was released last year.

The Papillon is the “Studio” version of the Metaxas R2R’s – designed to take up to 15″ reels compared to the 10″ T-RX, which is meant to be the “location recorder”.  To that end, it uses five times more powerful and bigger, Maxon motors with enough torque to be able to handle 2″ tape. The whole Tape Path has been designed in a way that it can be changed to different sizes quite easily (1/4 to 1″).

The Papillon weighs 80kg

The Metaxas & Sins Papillon

The Papillon weighs 80kg plus it has a dedicated stand which Kostas currently working on. The sub-chassis contains all the electronics so it can be offered as a transport, or fully functional three head machine. There is much more space on the headblock bar to accommodate more heads if necessary, for example for mastering or vinyl cutting.

The visual cues come from Horology

Kostas told us: “the visual cues come from Horology – bridges, jewelled pivots…it’s something I’ve started with the T-RX and wanted to take to another level. It’s totally unique in the world of R2R..”


Price varies from the transport only version Playback 1/4″ at 45,000€ up to the 1″ Stereo full 3-head Playback/REC version for 75,000€

Pricing starts from 45,000€

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